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A Healthy Diet Menu – How To Feel Better and Rest Great?

A Healthy Diet Menu – How To Feel Better and Rest Great?

If you are overweight, it may be part of the reason you are not resting well at night. Some foods can cause insomnia. So, let’s end the trend right now and eat healthy, so you can sleep better.

Although going on a diet sounds like a good thing, not all diets are healthy diets. Here are some suggestions of things to eat while you are on a diet that promotes both weight loss and health.


Perhaps the easiest healthy breakfast on the go is fruit and cheese. You can even prepare it the night before. Just grab an apple, put some cheese slices in a zip lock, and for protein throw in some walnuts. If you like waffles but don't like the sugary syrup, try using peanut butter instead. This is sure to fill you up and get you the protein you need. A quick and creative breakfast idea is huevos rancheros rapidos. Simply slice up a hard-boiled egg and roll it into a whole wheat tortilla. Healthy flavor options include Canadian bacon, lean ham, cheese or a little salsa.


Healthy lunches can go way beyond your typical peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For a slight variation, try peanut butter and banana on whole wheat bread. Add a low-fat yogurt for your dairy and you're good to go. If you like Greek food, pita's can offer an international twist on the basic sandwich. Use pita bread to make a wrap with hummus, feta cheese and black olives. You can also use a tortilla to prepare a quick burrito. Just fill it with refried beans, salsa, lettuce and shredded cheese.


Everyone knows that one of the easiest things to make is a salad. The right salad can fill you up and have all the nutritional value you need. First of all, don't use iceberg lettuce. It's not bad for you, but it has all the nutritional value of water. Romaine lettuce is a good alternative.

Chicken and fruit are a great combination of things to put in a salad. Having fruit with dinner makes it easier to get the recommended five servings a day and chicken will provide the protein you need from meat. It will also help the salad fill you up more.

Different kinds of melons are great for salads. Also, add feta cheese and walnuts for a healthy twist. Shrimp, which are also fairly easy to make, can also be added to a dinner salad. Thai dressing is perfect to top it off, and won't overload you on the calories. A side of pasta can go great with a shrimp salad also.

Yes, by eating right and exercising you are setting yourself up to not only look fabulous, but to get some much needed rest.

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