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How to Find Affordable Fitness Gear for the Whole Family


If you have decided to join the fitness craze and have incorporated your entire family in the process, you know that you will have to make an investment up front. You will have to make an investment of time, commitment, and of course of money.

Do not let the cost of gearing up for the whole family deter you from starting and completing your fitness goals. There are several ways around what could otherwise be an expensive new adventure.

Be Smart and Shop Around

Once you have everyone on board with fitness ideals, it is important to have everyone do their fair share in regard to what it will take to create a positive outcome. Have each family member research the area in which you intend to incorporate fitness into your lifestyle.

For example, if you should decide on bicycling, have everyone choose a website to explore and investigate to compare cost. Once everyone has gathered his or her information, have a family meeting to see which manufacturer offers the best coupons, or group discounts.

In this manner, you not only incorporate the family into the actual fitness activity, but also in the planning stage and the outcome.

One Man'w Trash Is Another Manís Treasure

Although this adage has been around for a long time, it holds true with fitness gear as well. If you visit your local tag sales or garage sales, you will be astonished at the treasures you will find. Bicycles, once outgrown, are of no use and have very little resale value for homeowners. As a matter of fact, bicycles take up valuable space in a garage when not in use.

A bicycle might need a minor repair and with a short visit to the bicycle repair shop, you will be ready to ride away. Exercise gear such as Yoga balls, ice skates, and hand weights can also be found for a fraction of the cost.

Use the Internet

Do not shy away from buying sporting equipment on the internet. Reputable forums buy and sell fitness equipment every second of every day. You are bound to get an amazing deal, especially if you buy in bulk. Do not be afraid to check out a smaller, less known forum and try a small purchase to start out with; you never know what little treasure you may have stumbled upon.

Buy Fitness Wear after Season

If you are planning to take up volleyball as a family sport, visit the stores in early fall and you will be pleasantly surprised at how discounted warmer weather wear is and how much you can get on sale.

Ice hockey equipment bought in June or July may be found at a steeper discount as compared to buying it during the height of winter season.

With these tips, you can be smart, savvy, and fit all at the same time.

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